16.09.2019 - Michael Landy: Artist Talk, Chatsworth Arts Festival

Michael Landy: Artist Talk, Chatsworth Arts Festival 


Landy will discuss the central role of drawing in his practice. As a draughtsman, Landy works in exceptional detail and often in large series, at times making preparatory drawings as a means to generate ideas. Landy’s meticulous renderings of detail have formulated series such as Nourishment (2002), a series of botanical drawings of weeds and H2NY - a tribute to Jean Tinguely’s failed self-destructing machine Homage to New York (1960). Drawing has been foundational to Landy’s large-scale series such as Breaking News (2015) and Michael Landy: Saints Alive at The National Gallery (2013), while more intimate series saw him produce 80 detailed portraits of his friends and family.⁣


Saturday 21 September 



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