12.06.2020 - Amie Siegel: Scharaun, Berlin

Amie Siegel: Scharaun, Berlin 


As part of The image of the city in the cinematic space, curated by Olaf Stüber and Jaro Straub, Amie Siegel's The Architects (2014) will be screened online from 6pm (CET) today for six days via Scharaun, Berlin.


The Architects cuts transversally through the city of New York, moving through various architecture studios, from Fifth Avenue to downtown to Brooklyn, creating a seamless timeline and a singular visual unfolding. The camera’s ceaseless parallel tracking takes in vast office spaces and gazes uncompromisingly at the highly networked production of global architecture. The view into this world is obscured by surfaces and layers of representation; facades, paintings, models, screens, windows - the very architectures of looking and seeing. The locations, objects and long horizontal desks frame the wide spectrum of practice, unveiling typologies of sameness and difference through the offices, between the lens of the camera and the view of Manhattan, always, and only, just outside the window.


Friday, 12 June, 6pm CET through Thursday, 18 June.


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Image: Amie Siegel, The Architects, 2014, HD video (still) 

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