17.11.2020 - Abraham Cruzvillegas: Agua Dulce, Online Lecture, St├Ądelschule, Frankfurt

Abraham Cruzvillegas: Agua Dulce, Online Lecture, Städelschule


Attempting to describe a personal methodology for making art, the talk will gravitate around a new project to be presented soon at The Bass Museum in Miami, sharing also references of previous projects presented in diverse institutions and galleries in the recent years. All boundaries and limitations, old and new, related to environmental, political, social and cultural elements, used as material, language and discourse, will be discussed as well. This may include approaching local resources vs global strategies, the flow and the speed of digital platforms vs nature slow growth, accessibility, broken paradigms, migration and pollination, alchemic transmutation and some other simultaneous failures.


The lecture will be held over Zoom, viewers can register in advance here


Tuesday, 17 November, 7pm (CET; 6pm GMT)


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