5.05.21 - Bruce Conner: Light out of Darkness at Museum Tinguely, Basel


Bruce Conner. Light out of Darkness


Museum Tinguely, Basel, Switzerland 
5 May - 28 November 2021


The exhibition Light out of Darkness references a solo exhibition project of the same name for the University Art Museum at Berkeley, California, in the 1980s. By no means the least of the reasons why it never actually took place was Conner’s refusal to compromise in his dealings with institutions, whose rules for artists he would not accept. The title «Light out of Darkness» emphasizes the experimental character of Conner’s filmic output, which in his early works, especially, resembles a brilliant probing of human perception. The symbolic dualism of light and darkness stands for the artist’s propensity to think in opposites and metaphors and for his mysticism.

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