21.07.21 - Michael Landy works now on show with Contemporary Art Society

A selection of works by Michael Landy is currently on show in Mayfair. 


Watercolours from the series ‘Family Ruins’ are on sale as part of the temporary exhibition, ‘The Contemporary Art Society at 16 Mount Street’. 


A percentage of all sales will be added to funds for art purchase for the Contemporary Art Society’s Museum Members. 


With ‘Family Ruins’, Michael Landy turned his meticulous eye to watercolour studies of crofter cottage ruins found abandoned and overgrown throughout the countryside of Ireland, his ancestral home. 


They show abandoned former homes, standing alone with masonry rendered in great detail, or set within a verdant natural landscape. The ruins have become so embedded in the landscape that they are disregarded by people and nature alike. 


Landy has often explored the overlooked or disregarded. His etching series Nourishment (2002- 2003) take as their subject commonplace weeds and flowers: humble plants which struggle to survive amongst the cracked pavements of our city streets. By finding beauty in the ordinary, Landy gives new meaning and dignity to that which is passed over by most. 


The exhibition runs until the end of August. 


Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 6pm 


16 Mount Street, London W1K 2RH


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