20.09.21 - Amie Siegel in conversation at Art Basel Film

Tonight, Amie Siegel will be in conversation with Filipa Ramos as part
of Art Basel Film.


Live Q&A: 7pm CET
Monday, 20 September
Stadt Kino, 5 Klostergasse, Basel


The conversation will be followed by a screening of three of Siegel’s recent works.

Exhibited exclusively as installations and rarely seen in the cinema, these works trace the back stories of various underlying references, materials, and objects.


‘Quarry’ (2015) follows the journey of marble from the largest underground quarry in the world, in Vermont, to luxury developments in Manhattan.


 Filmed at the Freud Museum in London ‘Fetish’ (2016) renders the annual nocturnal cleaning of Sigmund Freud's collection of
archaeological artefacts, bringing together its intimate operations and the psychoanalytic process, both occurring behind closed doors.


‘Genealogies’ (2016) gathers novels, films, images, advertising, and soundtrack into a baroque invocation of image and artwork provenance, remake and copy. Extending from Brigitte Bardot in Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Le Mepris’, to Freud, Pink Floyd, and the Beastie Boys, the video drafts a non-hierarchical lineage of adaptation, appropriation, and recurrence.


 ‘Quarry’, 2015, 34:00 min. HD video, colour, sound

 ‘Fetish’, 2016, 10:00 min. HD video, colour, sound

 ‘Genealogies’, 2016, 26:00 min. HD video, colour, sound


 Total running time: 70 minutes.



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