23.09.21 - Michael Landy performs at Basel, tomorrow

‘Michael Landy H.2.N.Y’ - a newly commissioned performance to mark the 25th anniversary of Museum Tinguely. 


Friday, 24 September, 5.45pm CET


Jean Tinguely has been a guiding artistic figure for Michael Landy ever since Landy saw the 1982 Tate exhibition of the Swiss sculptor as a nineteen year-old student.


In 2006 Landy produced a series of drawings and paintings from photographs of Jean Tinguely's ‘Homage to New York’, a 23 feet long and 27 feet high "self-constructing and self-destroying" sculpture-machine that self combusted in front of a live audience on the evening of March 17, 1960 in the Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden. Landy also began to research a possible re-enactment of ‘Homage’, re-constructing some parts of it, and creating a documentary about the work.


Now, on the occasion of Museum Tinguely's 25th birthday, Landy presents his re-imagining of the original ‘Homage to New York’, with dancers and a choreography developed in collaboration with Tabea Martin.


Kaserne Basel, Klybeckstr. 1b, CH-4057 Basel

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