22.3.24 - Alexandre da Cunha at Lismore Castle Arts
Each now, is the time, the space, featuring works by Alexandre da Cunha, opens tomorrow at Lismore Castle Arts. 
Curated by Habda Rashid, this group exhibition will also include sculptural works by Leonor Antunes, Rhea Dillon and Veronica Ryan.
All four artists share an interest in exploring the qualities of material, techniques of assembly and the symbolic and conceptual prior lives of their found and made phenomena that are arranged into exquisite formal assemblages. In da Cunha’s works, the influence of both his native Brazil and that of the UK can be seen, combining art historical and everyday materials to point to issues relating to the environment. 
The title, Each now, is the time, the space, is taken from the seminal American composer John Cage’s poem 2 Pages, 122 Words on Music and Dance (1957), drawing parallels between Cage's experimentation with random procedures, compositions and performance and the practices of the artists featured in the exhibition. 
The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, published in Summer 2024, as well as a programme of events, talks, screenings, and a far-reaching learning programme.
Each now, is the time, the space
23 March–27 October 2024
Lismore Castle Arts
Co. Waterford
Open daily, 10.30am–5.30pm
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