Catherine Opie: 1999/ In and Around Home, 2006
Contributions by Elizabeth Armstrong, A.M. Holmes, Jessica Hough

In this monograph, Catherine Opie juxtaposes her monumental series of intimate and political photographs, In and Around Home, with images from her pre-millennial road trip, 1999.


Both of these contrasting takes on iconic American subjects, through the landscape and snapshot forms, are political in nature, representing as they do the perspective of a gay artist, mother and activist at an important moment in her career. Both are deeply personal, and provide the viewer a unique opportunity to see both the private and public worlds of the artist through her own eyes. The idea to pair the two bodies of work was deliberate - vital that they be considered together.


The publication features A.M. Homes (Safety of Objects, Music for Torching)--an author long admired by the artist --to write in response to the work. Homes's original, previously unpublished short story Let the Dog Drive is included here.

Hardcover, 128 pagesPublisher: Aldrich Contemporary Museum of Art, CT/Orange County Museum of Art, CAISBN 978-1888332285