Alexandre da Cunha: Arena, 2020
Alexandre da Cunha in dialogue with Jenni Lomax

Alexandre da Cunha challenges the implicit value systems of objects. In his careful arrangement of material and things—whether domestic, utilitarian or disposable—da Cunha re-evaluates hierarchies of attention and perception by scrutinising the play of shape, form and colour.


The publication accompanies Arena, his first exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery in Naples, da Cunha presents certain aspects of his observations of how objects sit in the world around us. Through conversation with Jenni Lomax, with whom he worked for his 2009 show Laissez-faire at Camden Art Centre, an emphasis is placed on the spatial relationship of progression between rooms in the gallery; shifting perspectives of wall, floor and ceiling. This publication accompanies 


Bilingual English/Italian

Softcover, 12 pagesPublisher: Thomas Dane GalleryISBN 9781999615765