A Matter of Life and Death, 2022
Jenni Lomax

Published on the occasion of A Matter of Life and Death (29 March–28 May 2022): an exhibition of works in clay curated by Jenni Lomax, featuring the works of 13 international artists at Thomas Dane Gallery, Naples. 


"Whether using clay that is raw or has been cooked, their work carries the sense of vitality and danger. They understand that the properties and processes of clay are precarious. Earth, moisture, temperature and air create change when they collide - either by accident or design - causing the transformation from one state to another and provoking an incalculable space between fragility and strength (between heaven and Earth)" (Jenni Lomax)

Artists include Lucio Fontana, Leonardo Leoncillo, Phillip King, Lynda Benglis, Andrew Lord, Magdalene Odundo, Lawson Oyekan, Anya Gallaccio, Keith Harrison, Serena Korda, Pheobe Cummings and Masaomi Yasunga.


The publication features an essay by Jenni Lomax. 


Bilingual Italian/English

Paperback, 44 pagesPublisher: Thomas Dane GalleryISBN 978-1-7398943-0-6