Saturday  9 September  12-6pm

Tuesday 12 September, 10am-1pm


Milly Thompson uses a variety of different media including wall-sculpture/painting, print, text, digital and performance to imagine the correlation between commodity and pleasure, the rational and the irrational, hyperbole and tropes of truth or meaning. Juggling these concepts through various forms, both found or not, enables her to build a set of visual manifestations for living and understanding. Milly was in artists' collective BANK from 1994 to 2003, and created work for solo and group exhibitions at galleries including Tate Modern, ICA and Whitechapel Gallery. Her individual work has been featured in exhibitions, residencies and commissions at galleries including Peer UK, Focal Point Gallery and South London Gallery.



Recent solo and group exhibitions include The smeared glass; the grubby encounter between art and advertising, self-organised workshop with Sarah Staton and Joanne Tatham at Raven Row (tbc; 2017); Finding inspiration in the shape of a palm tree, series of two person exhibitions, UK and Caribbean with Blue Curry (venues tbc, 2018/19); Akerman Daly, ‘Artist in Residence’, 2017, online commissioned postings at; Merchandise and Accessories, solo show, Naming Rights, London (2017); DIK PIKS, group show, Lady Beck, Mabgate, Leeds (2017); Cougar, solo show, Westminster Waste, London (2016); I Choose Painting,; The Peculiar People, group show, Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on- Sea (2016); Now it is permitted: 24 Wayside Pulpits, group show and commission, Swedenborg Society, London (2016); THE GEO POLITICS OF MONETIZED AIRSPACE Come Fly with Me, I Meet You by the Airside Gucci Concession at 4, Fox Fur Hat, group show (Sarah Staton’s Super Store), Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis (2016); Graphics Interchange Format: 25 Years of Focal Point Gallery, Focalpoint Gallery, Southend-on-Sea (2015); BANK: Fax-Backs, 1990’s room, Tate Britain, London (2014)