Artist Michael Landy CBE was joined by Artangel Co-Director James Lingwood to discuss the artist’s seminal art project with Artangel, Break Down, which opened to crowds in London on 10 Feb 2001.
To mark the opening of Making Art Public, acclaimed British artist Michael Landy appeared in conversation with exhibition curator Nicholas Chambers to discuss the complex and painstaking process of re-presenting 50 years of Kaldor Public Art Projects.

Making Art Public: 50 Years of Kaldor Public Art Projects, an exhibition created by Michael Landy. With new works by Alicia Frankovich, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Ian Milliss and Imants Tillers. Until 16 February 2020 at Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.

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For his exhibition DEMONSTRATION at The Power Plant, Michael Landy invites the public to collaborate in building a ‘wall of protest’ by submitting images, words, text and slogans that represent their thoughts and feelings, to be transformed by the artist into drawings. DEMONSTRATION follows other major works by the artist made with the direct participation of the public. In Breaking News - Athens (2017), submissions from the Greek public were transformed by Landy into drawings, creating a growing forum of exchange and evolving collective portrait of the city of Athens. In Art Bin (2010; 2014), Landy created a giant receptacle for discarded works as a "monument to creative failure."
For 2017, NEON commissioned British artist Michael Landy to present the fourth iteration of his acclaimed exhibition Breaking News in Athens, where he introduced direct public participation to the series for the first time.
For this Tate Talk, Michael Landy explores the political and social themes throughout his work and installations, such as the nature of consumerism and commodity.This is a special opportunity to hear Landy talk about the themes and issues surrounding his work and more exclusively about rubbish.

Michael Landy: Bin it for Britain from Zabludowicz Collection on Vimeo.

Michael Landy: Bin it for Britain

In Bin it for Britain artist Michael Landy talks about the ways in which ideas of value, usefulness, productivity and labour have been central to his practice, beginning with his participation in the seminal 1988 YBA exhibition Freeze, through to his current work.

Landy's conceptually and politically charged work varies from epic performances to meticulous drawings and collages and often involves finding new potential for objects with specific personal or cultural connotations. From his early investigation of the rhythms of market stall displays in the 1990’s, to his monumental installation Break Down in 2001, in which he systematically destroyed all of his possessions in a former department store, his work explores the everyday ways in which capitalism shapes our lives and identities.

Excerpt: Michel Landy, Break Down (2001) from Artangel on Vimeo.

A video documenting Michael Landy's 'Break Down', London, United Kingdom
10 February 2001 - 24 February 2001

In this video profile Michael Landy reflects on his 2001 artwork Break Down — in which he publicly and systematically shredded, dismantled and demolished everything that he owned — discussing his meticulous, delicate drawings as well as the ideas and directly personal concerns that underpin his unconventional art.

Michael Landy: Saints Alive from CULTURESHOCK on Vimeo.

Michael Landy provides a walkthrough of his exhibition 'Saints Alive' at the National Gallery. Large-scale sculptures consist of fragments of National Gallery paintings cast in three dimensions and assembled with one of his artistic hallmarks – refuse. Landy has scoured car boot sales and flea markets accumulating old machinery, cogs and wheels to construct the works. Visitors can crank the works into life with a foot pedal mechanism.

Towering over the viewer, the seven sculptures swivel and turn, in movements that evoke the drama of each saint’s life. Saints Apollonia, Catherine, Francis, Jerome, Thomas – and an additional sculpture that takes a number of saints as its inspiration – fill the Sunley Room alongside paper collages.
National Gallery Associate Artist Michael Landy allows Alison Watt (a previous associate artist 2006-2008) a sneak preview of his work in progress as he prepares for his exhibition 'Michael Landy: Saints Alive' - the culmination of his residency at the Gallery.
Saints Alive is a series of large-scale kinetic sculptures and paper collages inspired by paintings of saints in the National Gallery Collection.

The making of Michael Landy's Acts of Kindness from Kaldor Public Art Projects on Vimeo.

Acts of Kindness
23 September – 23 October 2011
Lower Martin Place and 200 sites across the CBD, Sydney, Australia

See how Michael Landy's 13-metre installation in lower Martin Place, and 200 sites across Sydney, was designed, constructed, printed, and installed.

Kaldor Public Art Project 24: Michael Landy (full documentary) from Kaldor Public Art Projects on Vimeo.

Kaldor Public Art Project 24: Michael Landy
Acts of Kindness, 2011
23 September – 23 October 2011
Installation in lower Martin Place, Sydney, and across 200 CBD sites