Glenn Ligon




Selected Monographs and Solo Exhibition Catalogues



Untitled (America)/ Debris Field/ Synecdoche/ Notes for a Poem on the Third World. Text by Molesworth, Helen, Robin Coste Lewis, Hamza Walker and Glenn Ligon. Los Angeles: Regen Projects, 2019



Debris Field/Notes for a Poem on the Third World/Soleil Nègre. Text by Sara Nadal-Melsió with poems by Gregg Bordowitz. Paris: Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2018

Glenn Ligon: Untitled (I Am a Man). Text by Gregg Bordowitz. London: Afterall, 2018



Negro Sunshine. Tokyo: Rat Hole Gallery, 2016



Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions. Texts by Gregg Bordowitz, Alex Farquharson, Glenn Ligon, and Francesco Manacorda. London: Tate Publishing, 2015



Glenn Ligon: Come Out. Text by Megan Ratner. London: Ridinghouse. 



Glenn Ligon: Neon. Text by Glenn Ligon and Jason Moran. New York: Luhring Augustine.



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Glenn Ligon: Figure/Paysage/Marine. Text by Wayne Koestenbaum. Paris: Galerie Yvon Lambert, 2008



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Glenn Ligon: Text Paintings: 1990–2004. Interview with Glenn Ligon and Malik Gaines. Los Angeles: Regen Projects, 2004



Coloring: New Work by Glenn Ligon. Texts by Wayne Koestenbaum and Olukemi Ilesanmi. Interview with Joan Rothfuss, Olukemi Ilesanmi, and Glenn Ligon. Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 2001



Glenn Ligon: Unbecoming. Texts by Judith Tannenbaum, Richard Meyer, and Thelma Golden. Interview with Glenn Ligon and Byron Kim. Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art at University of Pennsylvania, 1998



Selected Books and Group Exhibition Catalogues



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