Sound and Vision - Philippe Vergne, Walead Beshty & Jean-Luc Moulène from Paris Photo on Vimeo.

The Conversations, organized by independent curator Douglas Fogle, offer visitors multiple intellectual perspectives on the use of images by bringing together notable curators and contemporary artists for a discussion of the practice of image-making.
Artists Walead Beshty and Jean-Luc Moulène met at the fait to discuss about their working processes. The introduction was made by Philippe Vergne, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA).
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Body by Jean-Luc Moulène - Sculpture in the City 2018 published by the City Of London
Body pays tribute to the automobile as sculpture within the urban landscape. Parked along the pavement, these often-overlooked forms constitute numerous hours of work by designers who strive to make them attractive, reassuring, harmonious, and even sensual. Every contour of Body - as well as the treatment of its surface - evokes the shape of the automobile’s curves; the proportions of which have been exaggerated to sublimate the movement and finally render it «visible». Produced at the Renault Factory, the object is comprised of twelve sections, generated by eleven randomly shaped cuts. Each segment is painted in gradations of the three primary colours that gradually fade into white. Body is a celebration of artistic and industrial reflections on form and mobility.

Presenting 'Jean-Luc Moulène - Works' from Beirut Art Center on Vimeo.