Double Object
Curated by Leigh Robb
10 Jul - 5 Sep 2009


Bradford Bailey, Vanessa Billy, Jason Dungan, Barry Flanagan, Michel François, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Richard Hamilton, Roni Horn, Bob Law, Glenn Ligon, Elizabeth McAlpine, Philomene Pirecki, Sam Porritt, Dieter Roth, Maria Zahle

We are pleased to announce the opening of Double Object, a group exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery, curated by Leigh Robb.

The show was first conceived and staged on 14 June, 2008 at Occasionals, an artist run project space organised by Philomene Pirecki in her studio ( Leigh Robb invited six London-based artists to respond to the idea of the double object: Bradford Bailey, Vanessa Billy, Jason Dungan, Elizabeth McAlpine, Sam Porritt and Maria Zahle. Also included were works from the 70s by Dieter Roth and Barry Flanagan, as well as more recent pieces by Glenn Ligon and Michel François.

For the Thomas Dane show, the Occasionals exhibition will be re-staged in one of the gallery spaces. Becoming a double object itself, the show will include new works by the original group of artists. It will also be expanded to include work by Philomene Pirecki and historic pieces by other artists whose use of doubling or pairing is integral to their practice, such as Roni Horn, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Bob Law and Dieter Roth/Richard Hamilton.

This exhibition becomes an expanded site of research. Many of the artists are presenting new works which further investigate the potential of the double, and how such a simple construct can open up a more complex field of possibility both formally and conceptually. From a pair, copy or diptych to studies in repetition, synchronicity and comparison, the double is a structure that forces questions of singularity and difference. This exhibition is an opportunity to think about why it recurs as a pivotal strategy both historically and for artists working today.


Double Object Catalogue and Limited Edition
A limited edition and catalogue have been produced to coincide with the exhibition. Seven of the artists have each made a new limited edition work on paper which will be part of a boxed catalogue set.

Edition of 50
£200 each


DOUBLE OBJECT at CAFE OTO - Friday, 31 July - 8pm
Cafe OTO
18 - 22 Ashwin street
Dalston E8 3DL

This is a real one off!

Comprising four sets that each spin the idea of the musical double in a different direction.

First up is a unique venture that posits the improvised recorded music of 'Squares and Triangles' re-interpreted and riffed on by three members of the hotly tipped 'Loop Collective.' This will be the only airing of a collaboration between 'Squares and Triangles', a London based group whose international circle of members expands and contracts around its key players - Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, AnthonyFaroux, Sam Porritt and the 'LoopCollective's' highly talented Alex Bonney (trumpet and electronics), Jim Hart (vibraphone and percussion) and Dave Smith (drum kit) - not to be missed!

Next up, two members of Squares and Triangles will be joined by two guest musicians in a quartet. Two drum kits and two pianos will improvise music around a call and response structure. Expect a monster array of duelling melodies and dovetailing percussion.

Following this will be a rare solo set by the much sought after Bradford Bailey a.k.a. 'The Grass Greener.' For Double Object he will lay out a soundscape of emotive minimalism; playing one guitar while another guitar plays itself. This will be Bradford's first solo performance at Cafe Oto!



Leigh Robb - +44 (0) 20 7 925 2505 or 

<p>Installation view, Thomas Dane Gallery</p>

Installation view, Thomas Dane Gallery

<p>Installation view, Thomas Dane Gallery</p>

Installation view, Thomas Dane Gallery