Curator's tour of 'Among the Trees' at Hayward Gallery, on view 4 March – 17 May 2020
A new permanent commission in Whitworth Park by artist Anya Gallaccio, exploring themes of loss, memory and physical presence in both nature and architecture.

Anya Gallacio at SNAP: Art at the Aldeburgh Festival. Video courtesy of SNAP: Art at the Aldeburgh Festival

Inspired by the landscape on which the British military conducted its early experiments in flight, Anya Gallaccio created a new installation for the Aldeburgh Festival’s SNAP visual arts programme during June 2014 at Orford Ness. This was part of the Artists in Residence programme.

Artist Discussion with Anya Gallaccio, Jay Heikes and Adam Schreiber from MoCP, Columbia College Chicago on Vimeo.

Moderated by Karsten Lund. Each of the artists discuss his or her work and their investigations of the material world through photography or sculpture.

Anya Gallaccio STROKE from Jupiter Artland on Vimeo.

Anya Gallaccio returned to Jupiter Artland in 2014 with her second gallery installation 'Stroke', which assaults the senses. The entire room is covered in thick dark chocolate, lightly scented if not overwhelming. The desire to interact by picking, licking or stroking the chocolate covered walls is almost compulsive. What is beautiful, as so often in this artist's practice, becomes putrid and decayed.

Courtesy of Jupiter Artland, Film produced and directed by Gavin Turnbull,

'Anya Gallaccio: The Light Pours Out of Me', commissioned by Jupiter Artland, 2012.