The Making of 'The Landing' (2019) by Akram Zaatari from Sharjah Art Foundation on Vimeo.

Akram Zaatari in conversation with Dr Anthony Downey on the occasion of Zaatari's exhibition 'The Script' at New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.

Conversation: Akram Zaatari: The Fold – Space, time and the image from FotoFocus Cincinnati on Vimeo.

FotoFocus Biennial 2018 Conversation with Akram Zaatari and Eva Respini, Barbara Lee Chief Curator of The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA Introduction by Steven Matijcio, FotoFocus Guest Curator and Contemporary Arts Center Curator, Cincinnati, OH
An interview video with Akram Zatari author on May 8, 2018. Akram Zaatari's 'Resisting Pictures' exhibition at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul is on view through 19 August 2018.
Akram Zaatari discusses his exhibition 'Akram Zaatari: Against photography. An annotated history of the Arab Image Foundation' on view through 25 September 2017.
Video from the exhibition 'Akram Zaatari: Against Photography. Annotated History of the Arab Foundation' on view through 25 September 2017.
Akram Zaatari’s film Twenty-Eight Nights and a Poem explores the work of photographer Hashem el Madani, who has run a commercial photography studio in southern Lebanon for the last five decades. The film examines the changing sites, status and function of photographic practice and preservation though various analogue and digital media.
Akram Zataari in conversation with Achim Borchardt-Hume, Head of Exhibitions at Tate Modern.

Dissent! Akram Zaatari from Courtisane Festival on Vimeo.

Akram Zaatari in conversation with Stoffel Debuysere after screening of 'All Is Well on the Border Front' (1997). 16 February 2014, Wiels Brussels.
Akram Zaatari describes the work of one of his favourite photographers, Hashem el Madani, the first person to own a 35mm camera in Zaatari's native city of Saïda, in southern Lebanon.